We're serious about snacks. Did you know that we're also serious about safety, too?

Team Snacks is here to have fun and support you in all your cycling endeavors. We encourage getting to know each other out there on the road! Please keep these things in mind when riding in a group:

  • We ride no more than two abreast, although there will be times when we need to ride single file. Please listen for directions from the ride leader.
  • Be mindful of where you put your front wheel. Please avoid cross-wheeling ⎯ either ride directly behind or beside someone.
  • Point out obstacles and road debris. You don’t need to yell out every twig or pothole cover, just the things that may present danger or an obstacle to the riders behind you.

Good rule of thumb: If the person in front of you points something out, you need to point it out to the person behind you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! No question is a dumb question. We want to do everything to make sure you are comfortable and happy out there on the road. Ride safe and eat lots of snacks.